Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) NTN is a business network established by members of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF), the professional association of the rock blasting and tunnelling industry of Norway, offering cost saving efficient solutions.

Tunneling - Cisco Tunneling Tunneling is a technique that enables remote access users to connect to a variety of network resources (Corporate Home Gateways or an Internet Service Provider) through a public data network. What Are VPN Tunnels? Nov 14, 2019

Nov 14, 2019

Network tunneling is common with malicious Connection Proxy activities. The ease with which IP addresses can be spoofed and the possibility that activity could be tunneled through a network to intentionally mask the true source prevents any attempt to identify the physical location of the activity based solely on the geolocation of the IP address. A tunnelling protocol is one that encloses in its datagram another complete data packet that uses a different communications protocol. They essentially create a tunnel between two points on a network that can securely transmit any kind of data between them.

Engineers had to shore up insecure ground above the tunnel to prevent water seeping through and causing parts of it to collapse. To tackle the difficulty of building tunnel intakes -- pipes and entrances leading to the main drain -- in dense urban areas, the decided to dig upwards from the tunnels and then extract gravel and debris that fell down out of the subterranean network to avoid

VPN using split tunneling and DNS. - Cisco Community